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Updated July 15, 2016


At OneStopHealthGuide.com we are committed to helping you live a healthy life. We provide information, tips and useful links to support your healthy lifestyle. And we assign our own independent ranking of the information on each topic:


A five apple rank is something we think is trustworthy, useful and worthy of your consideration and further investigation. As the number of apples declines, we will give you reasons why we think the item might have some problems.


Of course, there are also some “rotten apples” we want to warn you about. After all, they can lead directly to poor health or indirectly cause it by keeping you from pursuing a more potentially fruitful path.


Fernando bio photoFernando Dos Santos is a lawyer by training (Queens, UBC) but has been fascinated/obsessed by health related issues for most of his adult life. Blessed/cursed with a burning curiosity to understand how things work, he has relentlessly researched a wide range of health topics. He has used that knowledge to keep himself and those around him healthy, whether they like it or not.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEm Abbott (B.A. U. Victoria) is a writer & editor with several decades of experience designing and producing educational booklets, manuals, articles and graphics for academic institutions and individuals. She is interested in what creates good health, for humans and other beings.




skiingPeter Stephenson, Ph.D. (Toronto) is an applied medical anthropologist and is Professor emeritus of Anthropology at the University of Victoria (Canada). He has also taught at McMaster University, and has been a visiting research scholar at universities in Australia and the Netherlands, including Sydney, Leiden and Utrecht. He has published numerous books, chapters and many articles on a wide range of health topics including: aging, mental illness, homelessness, stress, death and dying, Vietnamese refugees and Indigenous peoples’ health in Canada. He is a founding fellow of the Canadian Anthropology Society.


bio photo for TDSTami dos Santos is the webmaster at One Stop Health Guide. She has an interest in classical music, a B.Sc. (McGill) in computer science & physiology and a diploma in homeopathy (DCH).
She sprints HIIT-style (see our article), plays tennis and golf and drinks kale smoothies, whether she likes it or not.
Resting heart-rate: 50 bpm.