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A Good Night’s Sleep

A Good Night’s Sleep heading 2

What Happens when we sleep? This is heading 3.

This is text paragraph


jogger silhouette

running is good

This is our bibliography box
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from the SC plugin

Comparison of boxes from Shortcode plugin, and from the theme’s built-in Shortcodes

the coloured box called “Note” from the plugin
the coloured box called “Note” from the plugin
This is the coloured box called Alert shortcode, from the Theme.
For some reason, cannot change the colour of this box, so let’s use the box from the Shortcode plugin instead.
the coloured box called “Note” from the plugin, with pale-green background and black text

Our apple-rating:

one rotten green apple core




Test of Photo upload

resized on Preview 72dpi 300x…


IMG_0102 copy








resized on Preview, 1024 pix width

IMG_0102 copy








full size image, edited as 300x in media manager